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Programs on gender, or incorporating gender view into all programs?  Gender Auditing

Gender and Disaster Sourcebook

What is the link between gender equality and disaster risk? What lessons have been learned in the field and through scientific study? How can this knowledge be applied in practice to reduce risk and respond equitably to disaster events?

The Gender and Disaster Sourcebook is a one-stop user-friendly electronic guide to help answer these questions. The outcome of a year-long project to consolidate and organize English-language materials in the field, the Sourcebook is a work in progress to which we hope you will contribute. Please forward along this link to help others answer the question “Gender and disaster—what’s the connection?”

Indian Ocean Tsunami Through the Gender Lens
Chaman Pincha, with support from Oxfam America and the Nanban Trust, has written a study of gender impacts related to the Indian Ocean Tsunami with a particular focus on Tamil Nadu.

In addition to reviewing the record of this momentus disaster, this work offers concrete, actionable suggestions and recommendations to humanitarian agencies and others to improve planning and performance.

Document available as pdf, see the sidebar.

Huairou Women and Disaster

The Huairou Commission envisions a widely practiced system of disaster response that leads to long-term sustainable development by deeply involving women and their communities in practice planning and policy setting.

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